Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lake Fork Guy: Making Fishing Lures From Dip Cans

Lake Fork Guy has all the kit, the bass boat, the engines, the fish finders, not to mention a collection of rods and reels that would put a tackle shop to shame, but maybe it all comes down to having the right dip can on the day and what lures you can make from them. For me these two videos share a little of that bonkers experience that comes from catching fish on lures you have a least partly made yourself.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sping casting soft plastic lures from Bait mold

This is a really interesting idea using spin casting which is normally used for casting small metal items to make soft plastic lures. Check out Baitmold.com for some of there more standard molds and of course his other videos.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Penceel - Making a sea trout fishing lure

I am not sure you can fault any lure making video which starts by showing a little of what the bait  can do with a bit of water added. I have really enjoyed this series of videos from Splish Splash for two reasons; it covers making a sea trout lure in depth from start to finish and the other is because sea trout are little bolt of lightening and I have fond memories of fishing for them amongst the Scottish Hebrides (typed with a small tear in the corner of eye, and a hand looking for glass of 10 year old single malt).

This is a lure made to imitate the local bait fish, sand eels and is really built from his experience of brackish water fishing, so you  know you're not getting just theory and fancy lure making skills. But there is lots of technical know how to take from these videos to your own projects like, making masters and moulds as well casting techniques.    

The quality of home brewed videos on lure making always seems to taking steps forward and then there are some channels like Splish Splash that are making leaps and really telling a story not just stitching things together. I suggest you subscribe and share or as Liam Neeson says in that film,  “I will find you and I will Blah, Blah Blahhh”.   

Making a Sea Trout Fishing Lure